Women Are More Badass Than Men: A Logical Argument

I once read an article about how to be a badass. A well-meaning friend sent it to me, so I went in without caution. If a friend hadn’t sent me that article, I would have realised sooner what I was reading. (Better yet, I would never have read it at all.) As it was, it took me until I hit this line: ‘You can’t be a badass if you aren’t a man.’ This confused me. How had I, a woman, lived my life as something of a badass? How had all the other badass women I knew and admired managed […]

There’s More Than One Way to Be a Woman (There’s at Least, Like, Three)

I recently got my hair cut short. Not in a cute, feminine, pixie kinda way, although that is what I went for the first time I got my hair cut short nearly a decade ago. This time, I went full quiff – a look I’ve wanted to try since I was a teenager because I always thought it was cool. But it took me until I was 34 because I was worried it would make me too masculine. Mostly I was concerned it would render me unattractive, which is something us gals have been brought up to fear as most […]