Holy shit, it’s my about page.

Hi! I’m Roguelle, a superhero whose powers include kicking misogynists in the shins and yelling encouragement at women.

No, no. I jest. I’m Karen Marston and obviously I have to keep my superhero identity secret. Plus I would never kick a misogynist in the shins because they’d flail around on the ground whimpering and I can’t roll my eyes back far enough to respond appropriately to that.

Roguelle (pronounced rogue-EL) is just a website I created so I’d have somewhere to incite women to unleash their inner rebel, flout the gender norms that hold them back, and start doing the things they actually want to do instead of the things everyone else thinks they should do.

Me? I love video games, sci-fi, comics, swearing and farting (which I think we can all admit is one of life’s simplest pleasures), and reams of other things women aren’t supposed to enjoy. I do not like wearing dresses, shoes I can’t run around in, or thongs (which are a type of shoe you can’t run around in, but also extremely uncomfortable underwear).

I think the best movies are ones where cool women do awesome things. Second best are French arthouse. Third best are ones where hot guys get injured and take off their shirts. Just kidding! I hate arthouse. (Big big fan of hot guys getting injured and shirtless, though.)

If I were a character in a fantasy novel, I’d be a rogue. Is that too obvious? Well, whatever. If I were a character in a video game, I’d be the protagonist’s companion who favours stealing and stabbing. Soooo, still a rogue then. My favourite definition of rogue is ‘a person who behaves in an aberrant or unpredictable way, typically with damaging or dangerous effects’, so I hope that clears things up.

Instead of constantly imagining myself as fictional characters, I sometimes try to do impressive things in reality. I’ve never saved the world or anything, but I once hiked to Machu Picchu on an empty stomach and no sleep after spending the night squatting over a hole in the ground and expelling the contents of my bowels. I also like to think I’d survive the first wave of a zombie apocalypse.

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